If You're In The Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Or Any Other Type Of Business Niche Then This Is The Answer To Your Traffic Needs!

Keep reading because In the next few moments i'm going to give you your own personal tribe to help you get all the traffic you'll ever need from social media!

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Hi there! I'm Liz Tomey and for almost TWO decades I've been teaching people how to use social media in their marketing to get traffic, leads, and customers into their business.

The biggest problem people are having with getting traffic from social media is getting the engagement (people liking, comments, sharing your content, etc.) they need to boost their posts so they get new followers and traffic.

That's why I've created MyIMTribe.com… 

MyIMTribe.com is a group of online marketers that are all about helping each other succeed on social media by boosting each others engagement.

We work together to get more likes, comments, and shares to help the different social algorithms boost what we post on social media.

For example…

You just made a post on Instagram. You'll come to "the tribe" tell them about your post and they'll all go like, comment, save, and or share your post.
You just Tweeted something on Twitter. You'll come to "the tribe" tell them about your tweet and they'll go like, comment and/or retweet your tweet. 
You just made a blog post and you need people to share it on social media for you. You'll come to "the tribe" tell them about your blog post and "the tribe" will start sharing it on their social media accounts. 
You just uploaded a new video on YouTube and you need likes, comments, and shares. You'll come to "the tribe" tell them about your new video and they'll head over and like, comment, and/or share your video.

Those are just a few examples… You can literally get traffic to anything you want using all the big social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!

But… Why do you need engagement on the different social media channels?

It's simple… The more engagement you have the more "weight" the network will give to your account enabling you to grow FASTER!

Social media marketing will not work for you if you don't have an audience and social media engagement is the #1 way for you to build your audience.

Not only will you get the social engagement service form MyIMTribe.com, but you'll also be able to attend bi-weekly LIVE workshops where you will learn several different social media tactics, and get help with anything you need regarding your social media marketing.

I will be constantly creating lessons for you so you know how to use each social media channel to get all the traffic you'll ever need!

This Sounds Awesome, But How Does It Work, Liz?

That's a great question, so let me break this down for you step-by-step...


Make a post on one of the social media networks we support. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and/or your blog.)


Come inside the MyIMTribe.com members content syndication group and post a link and what you want "the tribe" to do. Like my post and/or comment on my post and/or share my post, etc.

The Tribe

"The tribe" will get to work and get you the engagement you need by liking, commenting on, sharing, pinning, etc. or whatever you've asked them to do.


Keep learning from me on how to use all the different social media channels and other traffic tactics I teach to keep getting more and more traffic!


Watch your audience grow and your traffic flow soar to insane levels!

What makes MyIMTribe.com different is that I'm not going to just give you to the tool (the tribe) you need and send you on your way to figure things out. I'm going to SHOW you how to use "the tribe", and be there right there to HELP you use it!

You're getting the entire tribe to help you get traffic and build your audience on different social media channels, but you'll also have ME as your personal traffic coach.

We have weekly webinars where you'll learn from me and be able to ask me any questions that you have about getting traffic. And don't worry if you can't make it live. All webinars are recorded!

And not only will you get LIVE help from me, but you'll also get access to ALL traffic lessons that I'm constantly adding to your MyIMTribe.com member's area.

This is literally you're one-stop traffic solution for getting all the traffic you want from social media!

The tribe plus my help and training is THE secret you've been looking for, so come on in and join us...

Here's Exactly What You Get As An IM Tribe Member...

Access to "the tribe"!

"The tribe" is what will get you the traffic you need. Be it a blog post or a social media post we're here to comments, like, share, pin, or anything else you need to get traffic to anything you want!

Access to the weekly webinars!

Our weekly webinars will consist of you getting LIVE help from me and a traffic lesson to help you understand how to use your social media channels to get the most traffic!

Access to the traffic training library!

The traffic training library is a never ending resource of traffic lessons to help you get all the traffic you could ever need! I'll be showing you how to use all the different social media channels to get traffic, how to use blogging to get traffic, how to build your list, make sales, and so much more!

Become A Founding Member Today And Save!

Okay so I've told you what you're getting here and as you can see it's the golden key to unlocking the traffic you've been NEEDING! Getting your spot in "the tribe" will be the best decision you can make for growing your business.

Without traffic you're going to be stuck in the same situation you're in right now. Constantly searching for what works and not getting ahead in your search...

So, this is your official invitation...

MyIMTribe.com is brand new for 2022 and I'd love to have you as a founding member!

As a founding member you will get a HUGE discount on your membership, be actively involved in the evolution of the tribe, and most importantly finally be able to have a great source for traffic!

After all founding member spots are filled (there are only 250 of them) the monthly fee will be $197 a month, but when you join today you can lock in your founding member price of just $17 a month.

Just click on the order button below, pay your first month's dues, and you'll get instant access to your MyIMTribe.com member's area where you'll have access to all current training, webinars, and of course "the tribe" so you can start getting traffic!

See you on the inside!

We're Currently Closed To New members! 🙁

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Traffic?

That's the easy part! Come into the syndication group, tell the tribe what you need (I show you how to do it) and they go to work for you!

How Long Does Founding Member Pricing Last?

Founding member pricing will be on this page until we reach 250 members. After that the price will go up.  However as a founding member you will keep your founding member pricing for as long as you pay. Founding member pricing will not be offered again if you cancel.

Does This Work For Any Niche?

No! Everyone in "the tribe" is in the Internet marketing, make money online, or some kind of business niche. You must be in one of these niches (or related niches) for this to work for you. You can join and learn, but "the tribe" will not be able to help you much with getting traffic because we're all catering to audiences related to the aforementioned niches.

Do I Need To Be On Social Media?

At the very least you need a Facebook account, but the more social media channels you have the more traffic you can get. And don't worry. I'm going to be teaching you how to use all the social media channels My IM Tribe supports. 

Do I Need A Blog?

A blog is definitely something you need. If you don't have one yet, don't worry. I'll show you how to set one up, everything you need on it, and how to use it to get traffic.

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